Protectress - Battle of the Sorceri

Angelica is Level 5 Sorceri, the strongest of the magical mage warriors. Her companion, Dante, is a battle hound from the Hades environs. The pair has been tasked with watching over non-magical beings as the human and magic worlds collide.

With the ability to travel between worlds, the Sorceri have always monitored the non-magical Earthly plane to make sure none of their arch enemies, the deadly Diablerie, have infiltrated. But when the evil Diablus mages break through Earth's barrier in search of a single human who might have powers that could alter the balance between good and evil, Angelica and Dante must capture the human first, and take him before the Sorceri council.

There's only one problem... and it's a big one. The human in question has no clue he's the carrier of evil powers, and he might be the most generous soul the pair has ever met. Which makes it very hard to send him on the deadly path the council requires.

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